Virtual Live Classes


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Class Schedule

M - W - F T - Th
6 - 6:50 AM PST
6 - 6:50 AM PST
8 - 8:50 AM PST
7 - 7:50 AM PST
9 - 9:50 AM PST*
10 - 10:50 AM PST

*Summer only


It’s easy.  First, be sure that you are logged in. Click on the time menu below the main image. This will take you to the current live stream class. If the stream has started, you can click the play button and enjoy the class.

If you visit the class page prior to the stream starting, you will not the see the stream, rather you will see “When class is set to start, refresh your browser and click play!”. Be sure to refresh the page. The class will appear as soon as Sean has started the stream.


Classes typically go live just a few minutes before, or at the posted start times. But sometimes, Sean may be running a few minutes late. If you don’t see the class, try refreshing closer to the start time, or during the class!


A virtual class will be cancelled if it falls on a holiday or during Sean’s vacation time, or if that class has one or no student registered in-studio. On those occurrences, please be sure to watch a previously held class from the class library.


Sean’s mic may not pick up the music in the room, or the sound may be very faint. This is to avoid confusion with hearing and understanding Sean’s cues. If you want some tunes, set your own personal music and rock out during class.


Get all the tools and props Sean uses in class. Click on equipment to order Sean’s roll-down bar, Pilates pillow, loops/straps, and more. For additional items, check out Sean’s recommendations.

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