Holiday Break - Live Stream Classes will Resume May 31. Please watch from the library. I'll See you on the 31st.


The Pilates Journal

Celebrating Matwork Issue #14

When was the last time you did a great Athletic Reformer Pilates class? What made it so great? The Pilates Reformer was an innovative fitness tool first used not only for its original purpose of rehabilitation, but also for Athletic strength training and conditioning. Whether you want to build a strong core and lengthen your spine as traditional Pilates offers, or build strength and muscular size with Athletic Pilates, the Reformer will get you there. It was my own journey that made me discover the benefits of Athletic Pilates and the Athletic Reformer workout. After herniating three discs during weight training, I took years off from strength training to recover and avoid reinjury. Occasionally, I would try gym workouts and find myself once again in pain. Quickly I realised my body could no longer withstand the heavy top loading. I began to explore athletic strength movements on the Reformer. I discovered the benefits of sharing the horizontal and vertical loads and over time, I began to increase my spring tension and found I was not in pain after training on the Reformer. This inspired me to rebuild my muscle mass in a more balanced approach….

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