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1500+ on demand & livesteam group athletic and progressive Pilates classes

Elevate your teaching

Earn 16 NPCP (National Pilates Certification Program) CEC’s. Register for Sean‘s 3-day/16 hour Progressive and Athletic Pilates workshop!

Berlin September 20-22, 2024

Palm Springs October 4-6, 2024

Sean Bergara On Demand is dedicated to giving you the best educational videos and innovative workouts.

Make time to learn and workout anywhere, anytime on almost any device.


30 and 50 minute episodes that are programmed for strength. Repeated sets with the option to increase tension. Specific muscle(s) groups targeted.


Mentoring episodes that demonstrate how to break down exercises into joint mechanics, and incorporate progressions, regressions and variation.


30 and 50 minute episodes with innovative Pilates reformer exercises. Learn how to offer a diverse range of exercises and variations to follow.

10 Reasons You Should Join

  1. Innovative, new and fresh ideas to improve your practice
  2. Weekly content added in your favorite categories
  3. Full 50-minute classes
  4. Fun express 30-minute workouts
  5. Varied classes and workouts
  6. Continued educational tutorials
  7. Reformer classes designed for people who love to lift
  8. Variations detailed for all-levels
  9. Challenging exercises made for everyone
  10. Unique and realistic flows that you’ll love


Over the years, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to work with students and teachers from all over the world. I saw the need to develop a website to reach students beyond my studio, and to make my teaching style available to teachers who sought additional training. My unique teaching method initially grew from personal experience, continued education, and my personal physical limitations due to injury and pain. Unable to perform many classical and traditional Pilates exercises, I created unique exercises designed to assist in teaching my students new ways to exercise in an environment that worked with their individual needs. My live—and now online—workshops offer my students a fresh perspective on classical and traditional Pilates Reformer exercises. My love of Pilates, and of developing effective ways to use the Reformer that stay within the boundaries of the Pilates method, has led to creating this website.

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Get straps and handles that are of high quality and look great! Sean Bergara ELEMENTS collection was built over time, starting with Sean commissioning a Reformer straps design to match the colors at his studio and also elevate his studio’s ambience. One type of ELEMENTS at a time we have built a whole collection of signature Pilates accessories, that are now favorite amongst many Pilates teachers and clients.

All straps are lined with smooth and silky hand feel neoprene padded beige material.The cuffs are lined with black fleece. Roll Handle are not lined. Sean Bergara ELEMENTS collection has large handles (13.5 cm long and 11 cm in circumference) on both Pilates Loop and Roll straps and Roll Handles. The whole collection looks great, feels amazing and as all ELEMENTS, enhances your performance!

Sean’s Favorite, the M8 Pro Pilates Reformer is crafted from solid North American maple, and is designed to marry classical styling with contemporary functionality. The M8-Pro offers refined performance whilst offering extensive adjustability, a luxurious oversize carriage, and 104cm travel of smooth and silent travel. This reformer has been designed for studio, rehab, or private use with the innovative design offering a host of easy adjustments to provide complete flexibility in use

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