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Over the years, I’ve had the amazing opportunity to work with students and teachers from all over the world. I saw the need to develop a website to reach students beyond my studio, and to make my teaching style available to teachers who sought additional training. My unique teaching method initially grew from personal experience, continued education, and my personal physical limitations due to injury and pain. Unable to perform many classical and traditional Pilates exercises, I created unique exercises designed to assist in teaching my students new ways to exercise in an environment that worked with their individual needs. My live—and now online—workshops offer my students a fresh perspective on classical and traditional Pilates Reformer exercises. My love of Pilates, and of developing effective ways to use the Reformer that stay within the boundaries of the Pilates method, has led to creating this website.

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The Power of Cueing

Knowing how to communicate effectively when using verbal cues can turn an average teacher into an extraordinary one. Now that the pandemic mandates that we keep a safe distance from students and limit our tactile cueing, developing an arsenal of clear and concise verbal cues is more important than ever.

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Athletic Pilates

Return to Blog When I teach, my most often used quote is: “If the resistance applied to the extremities is greater than the ability to maintain proper breathing and alignment, then the resistance is too heavy.” Yes, I said it! It’s not about strength. It’s about balanced and coordinated movement. In

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Get Down to Your Students’ Level

Return to Blog There’s a distinct and powerful difference between an instructor and a teacher. I define an instructor as one who provides students information on what the instructor has learned from a book, workshop, or training program. He or she has not personally experienced that which they teach. This

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The Key to Teaching Authentic Pilates

Return to Blog Let’s start with an analogy. The beloved wine we know as Champagne is authentic only if it comes from the Champagne region of France. That’s why Italian white sparkling wine is called Prosecco. California sparkling wines are not veritable Champagnes.  In relation to Pilates, the proper word

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Am I a Fraud for Calling Myself a Pilates Teacher?

Return to Blog As a studio owner, a Pilates teacher, and someone who lives and breathes Pilates, I have come to understand there may be necessary change on the horizon. Teaching in Palm Springs allows me to work with students and teachers from all over the world. In a typical

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