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In this 8 – episode series, Sean will introduce you to many of his teaching concepts.

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Athletic Workbook Series

In this 5-episode series, Sean takes you through his creative strength training exercises from his Athletic Pilates Upper Body. Learn exercises from Short box, incline board, biceps, shoulders, and back. This series brings to life the exercises form his workbook and covers variations to build strength.

Progressive Pilates Method Concepts - Module 1

In this 8-episode series, Sean will introduce to many of his teaching concepts.  He’ll address inclusivity, letting your students learn their personal spring tensions and how body length and mass effect spring tension. Learn breathing techniques, how to use the Magic Circle to activate the lats, pecs and abs, axial elongation and more.

Working Through The Creative Process

In this 4 - episode series, Sean and Jill Harris, work through the process of creating various exercises and flows to show you how letting go of boundries and exploring movement can be fun and insightful.

The Pilates Lab Set ups For Injury

In this 4 - episode series, Sean will take you through multiple setups on the floor for both injury and students that need to work on a stable surface. By taking exercises off the carriage and onto the floor, you will gain the knowledge on how to best train your students. This series explains how to create multiple variations appropriate for students who may not be ready to get on and off the reformer.

Athletic Reformer Programming

In this 4 - episode series, learn programming, example exercises and set ups for athletic reformer classes. Sean covers the following programming: Muscle Strength, Muscle Groups, Circuit Training, and HIIT/Metcon. Gain the knowledge on how to create successful athletic reformer classes.

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