Sean Bergara stretching using a pilates machine


On Demand

Get more from your online subscription!  Sean’s workouts, educational tutorials, workshops and more, will keep you motivated, inspired and constantly learning. Sean offers a systematic approach to learning movement with his method, progressive, and athletic Pilates exercises.

During his educational classes, you will progress through a series of basic Pilates movements–which embrace the principles of applied bio-mechanics–and learn how to modify each exercise for all fitness levels.

Want a workout tailored to your needs? With over 1000+ videos from the live class and on-demand library, you’ll never get bored. All you need to do, is search for a key word, then scroll down from the list and get moving.

Live Classes 

Workout every day with Sean and his students.  Live Classes are streamed every day and a library of previously live-streamed classes are available on-demand! Interested? Get access to Sean;’ engaging and fun virtual live group classes. Free with your streaming subscription.

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