Sean’s Recommendations


Balanced Body

This is the reformer that Sean uses in all of the videos. The 18″ studio reformer with infinity footbar is perfect for all modalities and the most versatile wooden Reformer on the market!

Straps and Handles

ELEMENTS by Momentum World

Get straps and handles that are of high quality and look great!

Soft Foam Arc

Hooked on Pilates

Get on an arc that is soft for the spine and great for kneeling and sitting. This one is by far Sean’s favorite accessory!

Head Box Cushion

Balanced Body

The Head Box Cushion is great for spine support with Sean’s set-up with the Ab Mat and the head box atop the head rest.

Mini Stability Ball


The small Mini Stability Ball will have a big impact on your workout and posture! Use this wonder prop to up muscle activation in sitting, standing or lying exercises that target arms, tummy, buns and thighs. By bringing instability to your movements, you’ll switch on your deep stabilizing muscles, firing up the core while demonstrating the gaps in your form. You can also use your ball to roll out sore muscles or to support low back or neck during exercise.

Pilates Body Laguna

Booty Bands

The high quality booty bands by Pilates Body Laguna are Sean’s favorite!  Get yourself a set today!

Hooked on Pilates


Get yourself a set of both the heavy and light sets of the latex free, adjustable HandiBands.  You will love them for Sean’s reformer exercises.

Ab Mat

Rogue Fitness

Support the spine and head with the Rogue Fitness ab mat.  Don’t settle for imitations!  The high quality of the Rogue Fitness ab mat is the very best.  


Align Pilates

Check out the great choices for commercial and home reformers.  My students love the quality of their home reformers!

Wall Tower/Ladder

Fuse Ladder

This is the most versatile and effective full-body workout apparatus for your home or studio.

The Fuse Ladder delivers the best benefits of your favorite workouts in a single apparatus that is smart, space-saving, and affordable.

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