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October 5, 2024 – 6 Hour Virtual – Movement Learning


The Progressive Pilates online workshop module two, Movement Learning will be live cast, with virtual attendees having dedicated time to ask questions and participate. All attendees must participate in the Q&A segments to receive their certification. Every two hours, we will give the in-person students a 15 minute break.  During that break, Sean will address any questions and comments that the virtual students have entered into the comment section.


DA VINCI MOVEMENT PART II – Take foundational Pilates spine flexion exercises and learn how to apply the Da Vinci circle of movement.

DA VINCI MOVEMENT PART III – Take foundational Pilates spine extension exercises and learn how to apply the Da Vinci circle of movement.

TWO WAYS TO MOVE – SPINE ROTATION – Discover the two ways to move regarding spine rotation. Learn various pelvic and trunk rotation exercise and variations.


PROGRESSION: develop to a higher, better, or more advanced stage

  • Increase the challenge, i.e.: alter the spring tension.
  • Increase duration length, i.e.: change from reps to timed duration and repeat the exercise in sets of two or three.
  • Add a strength component, i.e.: add dumbbells to foot work.
  • Add opposite arm/leg movements, i.e.: supine arm series, do shoulder extension on one arm and elbow flexion on the other with one a single leg stretch.
  • Add a balance challenge i.e.: go from two legs kneeling to a kneeling lunge position or place a balance pad under the foot during standing hip stretch.
  • Add additional movement i.e.: single leg pelvic rotation to bridging.

REGRESSION: return to a former or less developed state.

  • Take the basic exercise and move to a more stable environment, i.e.: feet in straps; leg circles, instead of having the legs long-lever arm, shorten the lever arm and omit the straps and hold the knees and do knee circles.
  • Decrease the challenge, i.e.: instead of standing side splits on the reformer, move to the floor and do standing floor splits with one knee on the carriage and hand on foot bar.
  • Alter the duration length, i.e.: instead of 10-12 reps all at once, break the reps down and rest between three-four reps or only preform a few reps and circle back around after completing a few other exercises to allow the body to recover.

MODIFICATION: make partial or minor changes, make it less extreme.

  • Increase the level by altering the foundation, i.e.: single limb movement and abducted (moving a limb distal to increase core challenge) Tendon Stretch with one hip abducted or Elephant with one leg off the carriage or hip abducted.
  • Decrease the level by altering the foundation by moving from kneeling to seated, i.e.: perform chest expansion seated on a long box or move from Standing Elephant to knee stretch series.
  • Add a prop for support, i.e.: place a ball between the legs during supine arm series to close the chain between legs.

SHORT BOX SPRING-SIDE – Explore movement + cover setups, program flows and class formats.

SHORT BOX FRAME– Explore movement + cover setups, program flows and class formats.

NO SPRINGS – Explore movement + cover setups, program flows and class formats.

FLOOR EXERCISES – Single + dual straps – seated floor box – standing – kneeling.

6 Hour Movement Learning Workshop, is recognized with 6 continuing education credits according to the guidelines set forth by the National Certified Pilates Teacher Program, formerly the Pilates Method Alliance.

October 5, 2024

Saturday: 9 AM – 4 PM
Studio: Ecore Fitness

For multiple reservations, please email the full names and email addresses of the attendees to for attendance and certification.

Please note that all sales are final, no refunds

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