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October 4, 2024 – 4 Hour Virtual – Movement Learning


The Progressive Pilates virtual workshop module one, Movement Learning will be live cast, with virtual attendees having dedicated time to ask questions and participate. All attendees must participate in the Q&A segments to receive their certification. Every two hours, we will give the in-person students a 15 minute break.  During that break, Sean will address any questions and comments that the virtual students have entered into the comment section.


A NEW ERA – Workshop introduction and discussion regarding how to learn to look at movement and exercise from the joints not the exercise. Understanding spring tension and body length and mass.

WHAT MAKES A GREAT TEACHER – Learn how to get down on your students level, explore movement, use your movement experience, and apply that to your teaching skills.  Asking questions positively impacts your teaching.

MAGIC CIRCLE CONCEPTS – How to create pressure on the circle from the lats, pecs and abs rather than squeezing with the hands.

MAGIC CIRCLE IMPLEMENTATION – Take the Magic Circle concept and apply it to various exercises.

AXIAL ELONGATION – Discuss the importance of how Axial Elongation impacts the spine, posture, breathing and abdominal contraction.

BREATHING – How to use breath as a tool not a rule and the importance of offering various breathing techniques. Experience abdominal techniques that apply to real life as well as Pilates.

JOINT MECHANICS PART I – Deconstruct: Teaser + Elephant.

JOINT MECHANICS PART II – Deconstruct: Hip Bridge.

DA VINCI MOVEMENT PART I – Introduction to the teaching concept of spine length through practical application and understanding how to always reach toward the outer aspect of the circle, rather than into the circle.

4 Hour Method Concepts Workshop is recognized with 4 continuing education credits according to the guidelines set forth by the National Certified Pilates Teacher Program, formerly the Pilates Method Alliance.

October 4, 2024

Friday:12 PM – 4 PM
Studio: Ecore Fitness

For multiple reservations, please email the full names and email addresses of the attendees to for attendance and certification.

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