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Live Classes

From: $29.00 / month

Step into Sean’s Weekday Reformer Athletic Pilates workouts. You will build muscle, burn calories, and learn new strength training exercises.

The workouts are non-complex moves that focus on creating a stable base upon which to build balanced strength. Have fun while experiencing exercise that focuses on core strengthening. Your live class membership includes past live classes going straight to your member page.

1 Month
USD $29

6 Months – 20% off monthly price
USD $139

12 Months BEST VALUE 35% off monthly price
USD $226

12-month subscription benefits

  • 15% off all retail
  • 20% off all workshops and virtual one-on-one training
  • Discounts and more on all of Sean’s recommendations
  • Exclusive access to Sean Talks Live Streaming Program

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