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Online exclusive to SeanBergara OnDemand isn’t just another workout platform. Sean offers a systematic approach to learning movement with method, progressive, and athletic-based Pilates exercises.

Sean’s method is a total mind-and-body educational program designed to elevate your Pilates practice. The method, progressive, and athletic tutorials are ideal for everyone and are designed to improve concentration, breathing, and movement quality. You will also learn highly effective ways to break down movement and understand joint mechanics.

1 Month
USD $39

6 Months – 20% off monthly price
USD $187

12 Months – BEST VALUE 35% off monthly price
USD $304

12-month subscription benefits

  • 15% off all retail
  • 20% off all workshops and virtual one-on-one training
  • Discounts and more on all of Sean’s recommendations
  • Exclusive access to Sean Talks Live Streaming Program
1 Month
$39.00 / month
6 Months
$187.00 every 6 months
1 Year
$304.00 / year

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