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Guest House 1

Room Details

  • Grande floor plan


  • Top floor of the property
  • Independent exterior entrance
  • Backside of the main house


  • Sea


  • Built-in sitting area
  • Kitchenette
  • En suite bathroom with a shower
  • Large shaded lounge area
  • Plasma TV
  • A/C


  • Single or double occupancy
  • One large bed or two twin beds upon request


  • Stroller
  • Wheelchair

Note: Guest Houses are apart of the main villa.   The title denotes rooms with an exterior entrance as opposed to “Rooms” which are accessed from the interior of the Villa.

Cancellations & Policies

  • Partial or full payment is required for registration.
  • Initial payment guarantees your reservation and is non-refundable if canceled after April 2024.
  • Full payment must be made 90 days prior to the retreat date.
  • Pre-sale of the retreat begins September 16, 2023.  If pre-sale does not meet the required registrations prior to November 1, the retreat will be canceled and all payments fully refunded.

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