No One Wants You to Get Off Your Ass More Than Your Ass Itself. Too Harsh? Time For a #truthbomb

When examining your life, how would you described yourself? A fat-ass or a hard-ass?

Yes, I actually ask my clients this question and get the same expression you just had reading that first sentence. I profess to my clients, with an uncontrollable tone of sarcasm, that reaching your personal fitness goals and maintaining them is rewarding and tough. This is typically followed by a disapproving look and me apologizing for something.

Like many others, you may have experienced the dread that creeps into your workouts when they become monotonous. Or on a typical weekend afternoon, after a week of hitting it hard, your body may even scream, willing you to stop. The important point to focus on is that you are creating a strong, flexible, and toned body that will thank you in your later years. I won’t lie. It is a slow and arduous process that luckily has more benefits than drawbacks. As you know, or should know, results do not come overnight. “If you want a hard ass, you have to work hard on said ass.” That is a tongue twister I don’t recommend using in public. I always mess it up. LOL.

Disclaimer: If you have an aversion to hard work, discipline, and commitment, I recommend you try the top three fitness approaches that every fat-ass in America has tried over the past two decades.

  1. Google the latest exercise fad that guarantees you sexy and ripped abs overnight.
  2. Find the newest and coolest piece of fitness equipment that will revolutionize your body in 30-days.
  3. Read the proven diet that finally guarantees results while still eating donuts every morning for breakfast.

If you decide that choosing the top three choices is perhaps not the best idea, or you’re reading this and thinking to yourself, “I’ve already done them and failed,” it’s not too late. You can do the same thing everyone with a rockin’ body has been doing for decades. FYI, it’s not a secret.

The easiest and most powerful piece of advice I can give you is the following: Get your fat ass in gear and prepare your body and mind for the most rewarding and challenging journey you’ve ever taken.

Here’s the #truthbomb: It’s called hard work. Remember, hard work and getting a hard ass isn’t really all that hard. All you need to do is listen to the old adage, “take it one step at a time.” You’ll need to know you’re going to trip and fall down the stairs hundreds of times, but all you have to do is get your ass moving again. Personally, I’ve done this since I was 18 years old, and I have had more trips and falls than anyone I know. Luckily, I’m still going strong at 48. I’ve been teaching Pilates and physical exercise for many years. I have had the pleasure of working with a multitude of different personalities, body types, and personal fitness goals. The one thing I can tell you is that it’s all the exact same sh*t. No one is unique when it comes to getting your fat ass on track.

If you’re not interested in hearing the hard truth, may I suggest you find a fitness blog tailored to the reader who wants promises that rainbows will shoot out of their ass when they complain about how hard life is instead of realizing how hard their ass could be?

Thanks for reading. I hope I can somehow help put some fire under your ass.

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