Forging a Path Beyond the Pilates Boundaries

Imagine for a moment that everything your professional career is built on – the things that defined you as a teacher – became irrelevant. Visualize the work you put into your practice coming to feel outdated or unable to resonate with today’s students.  In 2007, I was completing my observation hours at a Classical Pilates … Read more

A Whole New Generation of Students

It seems like only yesterday that I was listening to my parents lament about how the world was changing too fast. I never put much thought into what they were saying and went on with my daydreaming. Perhaps my parents were medieval thinkers or simply old-fashioned? Well, times have indeed changed, and we are at … Read more

Build Athletic Smarts

With the latest technology constantly redesigning fitness equipment to offer you a better workout, it’s a challenge to know what the best choice truly is. No matter how artificially intelligent and expertly wired your workout device or equipment is, you might be surprised to know the most innovative fitness tool was created in the 1920s—and has … Read more

Elevate Your Practice

Why do so many individuals have difficulties with much of the original Classical Pilates exercises? What would the world of Pilates look like if Joseph Pilates was influenced by today’s scientific information? Would he adapt new ways to teach movement? These are questions that often come to mind when speaking with classically trained Pilates teachers. … Read more

The Power of Cueing

Knowing how to communicate effectively when using verbal cues can turn an average teacher into an extraordinary one. Now that the pandemic mandates that we keep a safe distance from students and limit our tactile cueing, developing an arsenal of clear and concise verbal cues is more important than ever. First, let’s discuss verbal cues … Read more

Athletic Pilates

When I teach, my most often used quote is: “If the resistance applied to the extremities is greater than the ability to maintain proper breathing and alignment, then the resistance is too heavy.” Yes, I said it! It’s not about strength. It’s about balanced and coordinated movement. In addition to lifting functional loads, one of … Read more

Get Down to Your Students’ Level

There’s a distinct and powerful difference between an instructor and a teacher. I define an instructor as one who provides students information on what the instructor has learned from a book, workshop, or training program. He or she has not personally experienced that which they teach. This is a one-dimensional approach to learning, and one … Read more

The Key to Teaching Authentic Pilates

Let’s start with an analogy. The beloved wine we know as Champagne is authentic only if it comes from the Champagne region of France. That’s why Italian white sparkling wine is called Prosecco. California sparkling wines are not veritable Champagnes. In relation to Pilates, the proper word for this is “classical.” If you teach the … Read more

What Makes a Great Pilates Teacher?

As a studio owner, a Pilates teacher, and a continuing education provider, I have come to understand that a discussion on how our industry is evolving is overdue. Teaching in Palm Springs allows me to work with students and teachers from all over the world. In a typical month, I can have anywhere from 30-50 … Read more

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