Sean Bergara’s unique and motivating approach to Pilates offers everyone the opportunity to grow, learn, and to take their practice to infinity and beyond.

Joining a Gym Was Worse Than Four Years of High School Combined, or How I Harnessed the Power to Overcome My Insecurities

When I was a kid, physical critiques were not an issue other than the occasional “You are looking too skinny” yelled at me while Mom prepared meals. My adolescent insecurities did not stem from body image or wanting to “look” a certain way. I struggled with fitting in and constantly worried about “acting” a certain way in order to be liked. As you can probably guess, despite my struggles for acceptance, rejection followed me everywhere. I wanted to be the cool kid, but discovered I was destined to be the “weird” one. Suffering from ADHD and constantly getting overly excited made keeping my enthusiasm and energy in check nearly impossible.

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No One Wants You to Get Off Your Ass More Than Your Ass Itself. Too Harsh? Time For a #truthbomb

When examining your life, how would you described yourself? A fat-ass or a hard-ass? Yes, I actually ask my clients this question and get the same expression you just had reading that first sentence. I profess to my clients, with an uncontrollable tone of sarcasm, that reaching your personal fitness goals and maintaining them is rewarding and tough. This is typically followed by a disapproving look and me apologizing for something. Like many others, you may have experienced the dread that creeps into your workouts when they become monotonous. Or on a typical weekend afternoon, after a week of hitting it hard, your body may even scream, willing you to

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Let Go to Gain

Almost eight years ago, I lost something that had been with me from my early 20s and had defined me. Like many other people, I was addicted and couldn’t go a day without it. It felt strange to give it up and trade it in for something new. However, I gained something more valuable as I let go of what I had held on to for far too long. Here is how it all went down. On a fairly typical day, I placed my water bottle and towel on my favorite piece of cardio equipment. I was determined to spend another mundane hour of healthy indoor living while staring at

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Sustainable Fitness

“Well, now,” my doctor murmured. He lowered his eyes to his clipboard and raised them solemnly. His look said it all. After what seemed like an eternity, he finally spoke. I wasn’t surprised to hear what he had to say, nor was I in any position to debate the facts. For years, I’d lived with pain as the result of a skiing accident. I was plagued by chronic low back and knee pain, as well as by relentless shoulder joint achiness. After countless attempts to find the one method of exercise to cure what ailed me, I found myself back at square one. My quest to unearth one single method

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Get Eight: Sleep, the Overlooked Component of Total Health

When it comes to health, exercise and healthy eating are fundamental to living a long and vital life. However, there is a key element that is often overlooked yet instrumental with respect to supporting a healthy lifestyle, repairing your body, and optimizing its functionality. What is it? Read further for the answer. It takes more than sound nutrition, state of-the-art supplements, optimal protein levels, proper hydration, and varied workout programs to continually meet the physical demands placed on your body. Adequate sleep is an often-neglected aspect necessary for optimum muscle growth and tissue repair. The importance of quality sleep cannot be negated when trying to improve overall health. While you

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Complementary Movement Therapies

Today more than ever, we need a sustainable healthcare system. One that implements complementary movement therapies in conjunction with the “pill-it, “cut-it” methods. We can provide a more balanced therapeutic approach to pain management with the addition of complementary movement therapies. Movement therapies that teach the power of the mind and how the mind influences all bodily functions is a cornerstone of a sustainable healthcare system. The power of the mind is inexplicably connected to every functioning part of the body, and the mind influences the healing process on countless levels. Therefore, it is so important that complementary movement therapies teach this powerful connection between mind and body. How the

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