Sean Bergara

I am a native Oregonian born and raised in the Willamette Valley. I grew up in a rural town around horses, cows and nature. I was one of those kids that anytime I could escape my chores, I would grab my siblings and head out for an expedition to who knows where.

I understood at a young age that discipline and hard work was a normal part of life.   I learned how to use every tool possible and how to build and repair pretty much anything. Child labor was something you had to endure and during hot summer months, excuses were not tolerated. My least favorite saying that I now use daily was “move your mouth less and your body more.”

Soon after high school, I tore off and moved to the big city (Portland) to discover the world. After a year in Portland, I relocated to Seattle and found a passion for hiking, two stepping and weight lifting.

I made it only three rainy years in Seattle before I decided to move to Southern California and soak up the sun. After hanging in Pacific Beach for only six months, I moved to Laguna Beach where I lived for 12 years. I worked odd jobs until finding a career in the floral industry and worked for myself until I felt that I needed a new start.

In 2004, I packed it up and move back home to be closer to family. I also decided it was time for a career change and landed a job in the health and fitness industry. Shortly after getting certified as a personal trainer and working at a big box gym, I was introduced to the Pilates Method. I found that Pilates could help my chronic pain that had plagued me for years. The moment I experienced Pilates, I knew that I wanted to learn all that I could. When the clouds did not rise above the telephone poles for nearly two years, I realized that I had missed the sun more than I missed my family.

In late 2007, I had the wonderful opportunity to relocate to Palm Springs. A few months after moving, I began working at a local Pilates studio and eight months later, I went out on my own and started Ecore Fitness.

When I am not teaching, you can find me on the hills above the valley hiking with my two dogs. During the warmer months, I wake up early before it’s too hot and tear up the sand on my mountain bike. Additionally, I am always up for a new adventure especially if there is something to climb.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello
    Can I ask you what kind of brand is your reformer ?
    I need to buy one of it and I’d like some morendo information regarding this machine.

    Thank you in advance
    Kind regards


  2. Hello Sean, I m so impressed by your extrem dedication and professionalism to health and fitness which in a way reminds me of an amazing teacher I had as a competitive swimmer over 30 years ago that although i live in LA, I m definitely scheduling a trip to Palm Spring in the coming months in order, among other things, to visit and attend one of your classes, is it possible to buy a day pass to your fitness facility?

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